The high-tech vending machine inside your taxi.

TaxiTreats offers you what you want, when you want it, where you are


"GENIUS: Some NYU Stern Students Figured Out How To Put Vending Machines In Taxis" - Business Insider

The vending machine on-the-go

TaxiTreats started with a crazy idea: what if we could grab the products we need on the way to our destination? The question kept us up at night. So we put together a team of aerospace engineers to start from scratch and began to re-imagine the vending machine.

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Next Generation Vending Machine

The TaxiTreats vending machine is touchscreen, credit-card only and managed remotely. We are bringing digital media analytics offline.

The Vending Machine.
The Taxi Experience.

First Of Its Kind

The TaxiTreats machine was designed by aerospace engineers specifically to work safely and reliably in a taxi environment.

"New Yorkers may soon be able to snack on the stop and go" - New York Post

Latest Media and Press

TaxiTreats has been featured in various media and online publications including the NBC, NY Post, Business Insider, Gizmodo

"This could change your entire NYC taxi experience" - Business Insider.

Increase profitability

Improve Passenger experience

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